about the artist

Hello, my name's Bec and welcome to my website! A little about me, I draw mostly in my sketchbooks from my little art space here in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and I'm very grateful to have a fantastic view of the sea and green hills from my window.

  • Inspiration

    I draw inspiration from many sources, including music (especially folk, classical and rock), areas of history (anything medieval usually does the trick), places (gardens, old buildings and cosy pubs) and of course the world of art itself.

  • Experimentation

    I've always loved to draw and experiment with pens, pencils, paint, papers and books, and I have kept the that interest going in my sketchbooks for nearly 12 years now. My education background is in Art and my love for it has never left me, leaving me with an appreciation for patterns, balance and details.

  • Execution

    The act of creating my art is itself the most important part for me. It gives me freedom to choose from my go-to list of different patterns, materials and canvas types to be able to express whatever it I want to.

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